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Traveling While Overweight - Chub RubLike most fat girls (plus size, thunder thigh club warriors, curvy, vivacious women), I too know the pain of chub rub. Wearing a skirt during any time of the year always resulted in the not so night biker short surprise underneath. And when I would want to go a little sexy for my man or the heat (whatever they both are hot) the chub rub would be the thing that was burning days later.

So I am known to wear shorts or pants for 98% of the time when in public. But I get jealous of the women who can easily wear a dress with a gleeful smile and air that brushes through their thighs like a whisper telling them they are superior. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up, throw one piece of clothing on and walk out the door looking like they are all put together?

I mean I have a bunch of dresses in my closet, along with those dresses I also have a bunch of chub rub solutions. So the day Peter saw me putting baby powder on my thighs laughing that it looked like my vajayjay was snowing I knew it was something not very well talked about especially in front of men. What Peter learned was that my solutions were spot on when he experienced it on our trip to Jamaica for the first time.

So for all my chub rub warriors here are a few things I have done to help with the thigh clap.

1. Baby Powder

I will not lie… I got flagged for carrying a travel size of this in Ireland, but it was worth it. I use baby powder a lot when traveling. It helps keep me dry and smelling fresh. It helps when we go to the beach & sand gets everywhere, but most importantly it also helps with chub rub.

Slather that stuff on and make it snow (Peter’s words not mine). You will feel silky smooth when walking around town in your dashing dress. And you won’t have to worry about that painful burn or discomfort from your legs rubbing together.

2. Deodorant

This is my second go to if I don’t have baby powder available. It helps keep the rub down but can be a little weird feeling when your legs are sticky. And if you are going to be putting pants on any time after using it before getting a shower, prepare for the wiggle dance. While not the best, it is by far the next best thing I’ve found to staying sexy in a dress.
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3. Lotion

This is probably a far fetch but has worked in a pinch. Lotion doesn’t only work for preventing chub rub, mostly on short distances, you might have to reapply throughout the day, it also helps heal chub rub faster than without it.

Ask Peter this one, he experienced chub rub for the first time while in Jamaica. When we got back to our hotel I told him to put some lotion on it, the next morning he felt much better and by the end of the trip, it was practically gone. It’s not perfect, but it works and when we want to enjoy our time anything is better than nothing.

4. Shorts/Pantyhose/ Second layer of skin

Let’s be honest, this might be one of those cases where we need something more, something for comfort or something to just get us by. I literally have a pair of biker shorts that I pack for this purpose. Sorry babe, I’m going comfy and cute tonight.

I don’t normally wear pantyhose because well they never fit me right and growing a second layer of skin can sometimes take a lot of work. So I resort to my 3rd grade Jersey Girl (really Philly girl) habits and throw a pair of cotton biker shorts on. At least I’m comfortable.


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