Boston's Cookie Monstah
Ice Cream & Other Treats,  Massachusetts

Boston’s Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster vs. Cookie Monstah

Here is how we found cookies that are better than moms!

Traveling to Boston? Don't forget to check out Boston Commons and look for the Cookie Monstah!

On our trip to Boston, we would enter the city through Boston Commons. We would adventure off to find little hidden gems of stores or history. But we kept on missing the biggest gem of them all or in my mind the best damn cookies known to man.

We were debating about heading back to our AirBnB when we decided to walk through the park.

Peter got some water ice (aka shaved ice or Italian ice) and I was on the quest for these cookies that everyone was eating. We walked along the path, checked out a few artists who were in the area and petted some cute dogs (don’t worry Maggie didn’t know). Until behold… there was this food truck parked in the middle of the park.

At the time of our visit, I didn’t think about taking photos of these delicious cookies, I also wasn’t sure if I would actually write a blog about our travels either. Lesson learned… take pictures of the damn cookies!

The Cookie Monstah is a food truck that travels to different locations throughout the week offering up delicious cookies and other treats to the public. The cookies melted in your mouth, smelled as though they just came out of the oven and were perfectly crisp on the edges. We tried the Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate cookies. The selection towards the end of the day wasn’t big, but at the rate of deliciousness, I’m sure any of the options would have ultimately been worth it.

They also offer a selection of ice cream and ice cream/cookie sandwiches which look like a dream come true. If you are in Boston or passing through Boston Commons while they are there have a taste & see for yourself.

Photo Credit: Street Food App

You can find their schedule on their website of where the truck will be during your stay or you can head over to their Bake Shop.


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