Our First All-Inclusive Trip

When Melissa and myself started talking about taking our first major vacation together we wanted to explore something we both have never done before. Ultimately we wanted to make it uniquely our vacation not something with a memory from the past for either one of us. Many couples probably go through the same thought process, or at least I like to think they do.

The final decision came down to price, time and something involving unlimited drinks. We found that with our schedules 6 days was just the right time frame and we wanted to schedule it around our anniversary.

One of my tips when it comes to planning a trip is to always talk to people you know. Co-workers, your neighbor, etc. because they may have some advice on locations you have never thought about. This is where we got the idea for the Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica.

Through conversations with co-workers, I learned of others experiences in the Caribbean that revolved around our desired amenities. One individual suggested the Grand Bahia Principe in particular so we started to compare what we had found online through different travel sites and what individual resorts could offer us upon booking on our own.

Melissa found a deal on New Year’s day, along with signing up for the rewards club that offered an additional % off our bill, that brought our 6-day trip to less than $1000 per person flight included. Since we travel on a planned budget we decided to take the provided bus transportation from the airport to the resort. It took about a 40-minute wait for us to get moving with the bus full of resort goers alike. The drive wasn’t that bad and there was a quick stop for beer and bathrooms along the way.

After checking in, with drinks in hand, we were escorted to our room. The room was beautiful with a seaside view overlooking the pool.  Before we left the United States we reserved our room through the resorts web portal based on where we thought would be a great location. Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica - Pool and seaside viewWe learned throughout our trip the downside to our room location was that it was directly over the kitchen so it did smell like fish after every meal, but otherwise, we didn’t have any reasons to complain. The rooms where clean, the beds were made and decorated based on our choice of restaurants.

As we were on the verge of reaching hangry after a long day of airports and TSA checks, we quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed off to explore the resort. We went to the lobby to schedule our a la carte meals along with finding out what excursions were available at the resort.

Jamaica - The Portly Passengers
Snack Bar

Once we had a general schedule down, we made our way to the “snack bar”. This is a small selection of buffet foods available on a pavilion at the beach. Melissa grabbed some jerk chicken, I grabbed a burger and we both toasted to our arrival. While not a full meal, the selection was still delicious and appealing. There was a mini bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available as well as fresh fruit and veggies. It was enough to satisfy the ravenous traveler.

When we finished filling our bellies we headed over the beach that was just a few yards from where we were just sitting. The site was magnificent. The water was clear and the sand was white something that these two Jersey shore people haven’t really gotten a chance to enjoy.

The beach was not crowded with just a handful of people in the water. There are individuals who come to shore trying to sell conch shells and souvenirs for cheap but don’t there are plenty of security guards around to help you feel safe.

As the sun set, we decided to head back towards the resort and slide into the pool for a little bit. While the poolside bar was closed at this point we were able to enjoy the refreshing water until it was time to get ready for dinner.

For our first day of vacation and experiencing an all-inclusive resort, we had no complaints and looked forward to the rest of our trip.

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