Breakfast Burrito in NOLA
Breakfast,  Louisiana

Bittersweet Breakfast in NOLA

I’m not sure if it’s because I was in pain during our trip thanks to a broken ankle or I just wasn’t 100% sure I would actually write a travel blog again, but during our trip to New Orleans, I found myself enjoying the food more and taking photos less. Which is great for the concept of “being in the moment” but not so much when I finally decided I wanted to write about our travels and the food we enjoyed.

Bittersweet Confections Breakfast

As food goes I’m not one to be overly excited about anything in particular, which has caused arguments from individuals in the past. Peter understands this weird aspect of me, which means he also knows I have certain foods or meals I really dislike, breakfast is one of those. I truly hate breakfast, I don’t know why, I just have never been a fan of it. But I also know when traveling that I need to nourish myself as the next opportunity to eat may not come until 8pm.

Bittersweet Burrito - Portly Passengers

So knowing I needed to eat & with Peter on the hunt for some coffee we found our way down the street to Bittersweet Confections. To my delight and lowering stress levels, they have a small set of tables and chairs outside of their bakery. This was helpful as I was beginning to really hate the knee walker and I was now feeling the pain from the freshly broken ankle. While the view isn’t pretty, with buildings on all sides of the road, considering it was a Monday morning and there was barely anyone driving up or down the street it made for a peaceful atmosphere.

While I took a seat at the table outside Peter went in and ordered me breakfast. Since I don’t like breakfast, although I like breakfast foods, I let Peter decide for me on what I would be noshing on. What was delivered a few minutes later was a scrumptious breakfast burrito. Made with chorizo, eggs, and cheese, the burrito filled me up for the morning in a delightful enjoyment way.

While I don’t recommend attempting to pick this burrito up, even with a fork and knife it was still delicious and melt in my mouth worthy. Overall Peter picked the perfect meal to help me make it through the day.

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