National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans

The National WWII Museum is a must see for any history buff visiting New Orleans!WWII history is taught to us in brief chronological order throughout our time in school. To dive deeper into any form of historical information many of us have to search it out through books, movies, research, etc. For Peter and I, WWII would be one of those pieces of history that we both dive deeper into on our own personal time, that’s why when we went to New Orleans we made it a priority to visit The National WWII Museum.

Peter with Plane National WWII Museum - The Portly Passengers

Currently made up of 6 buildings, with plans on expanding in the near future, The National WWII Museum offers visitors a glimpse into the political, military and civilian side of the war. Peter and I spent the better half of a day visiting the museum, skipping a few of the exhibits because of my pain and our personal knowledge of certain areas. However, some individuals could spend the course of two or more days exploring the museum campus and all it has to offer. So it’s highly recommended that you plan according to your personal schedules on what you want to see and what you already know.

One thing that we wish we could have done over again was the Beyond All Boundaries, a 4D journey through the war. I don’t know if it’s Tom Hanks voice or the pain subsiding a little from my broken ankle, but I was asleep within 5 minutes of sitting in the theater. For the portions I was able to stay awake during, I found myself entranced by the mechanics of the theater operations and how they portrayed the time lapse of key points throughout the war. While you don’t feel like you are in the war, you do get a good sense of the emotions that many felt during that time.

National WWII Museum Mein Kampf - The Portly Passengers
Hitler’s Original Mein Kampf
Currency during WWII - The Portly Passengers
Million Dollar Currency

What I found most fascinating where the artifacts that were on display and interactive throughout The National WWII Museum. You can take a train ride at the entrance of the museum where you learn about the history and ranking of a service member who you can follow throughout your journey in the museum. What we found interesting is that despite the number of service men and women, they have actually had visitors get their own family members identification information at random. In a small hope, I had wished I got my own grandfathers’ identification information to try and understand more of his life and time during the war. We weren’t that lucky, but it was still fun to learn about each of our individuals throughout the museum.

WWII era radio - The Portly Passengers
The People’s Radio

Each section of the museum is dedicated to a part of the war from branches in the military to countries who fought and much more. There was a gas mask for a child, Nazi Olympic medals, war propaganda, and fully erected fighter jets. Putting everything into one location, knowing that the war was less than 100 years ago and many of the veterans and survivors where still alive made the museum much more relevant today.



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