Photo Etiquette

Photo Etiquette

3 Tips to Photo EtiquetteIn an era of selfies and “internet challenges” it seems that many people forget about photo etiquette in a hope to get a like or share on social media, so we pulled together three guidelines that are good etiquette when taking photos on your trips around the world.





Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Photo etiquette - The Portly Passengers

This might come of a surprise, but many people have found themselves slipping and falling because they aren’t fully aware of where they are walking. I quickly learned this rookie mistake on my trip to Ireland when I almost walked off a cliff as I took some video footage. Thankfully by looking down, I was able to realize how close I was to walking off the cliff.




Be respectful

Recently while visiting the National Holocaust Museum they specifically told all visitors “No Selfies”. It comes as no surprise that many will take selfies in locations such as this. Places like the 9/11 memorial, concentration camps, or temples like Wat Chaiwattaharam in Thailand are to be shown respect for the meaningful lives and history they represent.

Other places, may allow selfies, but they require specific styles of dress. Cathedrals in Italy pop into my mind where I had to pay for a coverup on my shoulders to visit.

No Flash Photography - The Portly PassengersKnow the Rules

Have you ever been in a museum when suddenly there is a large flash of light coming from the person next to you? Most museums specifically state no flash photography for reasons that we may not fully understand. Scientifically speaking, repetitive flashing can cause damage to the materials in which the artifacts are made up of because they cannot be controlled like that of the showcases they are housed in. As a tourist, it’s just really annoying and you will continually get the flash bounce back on glass cases until you take it off.

Removing the flash not only saves the artifacts, the frustration of the other visitors, but also your agitation to attempting to get a good picture.


We all want that prize-winning photo that makes all of our friends jealous of our vacations, but doing it in a way where traditions, rules, and bodies are not harmed is one of the best prizes you can take home. Follow these three simple photo etiquette rules for some easy trip photography.

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