Ice Cream Barn
Ice Cream & Other Treats,  West Virginia

Meeting the Locals at the Ice Cream Barn

At the end of a very hot tour of the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum, it was late in the afternoon and we wanted to get back on the road to reach our next destination. However, we were craving something cold and delicious. It was a great surprise to find the Ice Cream Barn just a few blocks away.

Ice Cream Barn, Weston West Virginia - The Portly Passengers
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As we headed towards the highway the Ice Cream Barn appeared on our left as we came around a bend in the road. If we had not made a pact to try and find someplace to stop for ice cream or something to drink we likely would have missed this cute little stop on the side of the road. We were greeted by two women, one of which had worked at the Asylum we just visited. As I attempted to make a decision on what I wanted to eat I listened to her stories about her years working in the Asylum.

We were informed that many of the residents of Weston either had or knew someone who had lived or worked in the Asylum over the last few decades of its operation. To actually meet someone who worked there was all too surreal. She explained that the heat was no different back then inside the building as it was now, but she also explained how she actually enjoyed working with the patients.

Some ice cream for the road along with a conversation that left me questioning so many things.While I wish I could have sat down and interviewed her to learn more, to understand, to just be in the moment I also knew we were on a time crunch to reach our next location. Something we learned while on this road trip was that many places closed early and that life moved a whole lot slower than both Peter and I are used too. With the heat exhaustion upon us we bid the ladies goodbye after ordering a soft-serve swirl for both of us.

Despite not trying one of their specialties I was still delighted by the hospitality and taste of the ice cream we received from the Ice Cream Barn. If we ever get a chance to go back down to West Virginia it will be for sure a place we will visit again.


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