Savannah's Hop on Hop off Trolley Tour

Savannah’s Hop on Hop off Trolley Tour

Old Towne Trolly Tours SavannahIt’s been 8 years since I stepped foot in Savannah, Georgia. I remembered the smell of magnolias and the hospitality I was greeted with. It always stuck out in my mind as the highlight of my first solo road trip so when Peter and I had the chance to utilize a complimentary flight we opted for four days in Savannah.

Upon booking the trip there was one thing we didn’t take into account, the heat in Georgia during August. In an attempt to help combat the heat we decided to utilize the Hop on Hop off Old Towne Trolley Tours. We booked our package online opting to add the Prohibition museum as well as the Riverboat cruise to our purchase.

There are Trolley’s dedicated for wheelchair access, however, if you have mobility issues and do not utilize a wheelchair you might have some difficulty climbing up the stairs to the seats. The Trolley Tour takes you to 15 different stops throughout Savannah where you can get on and off to explore the areas that interest you without having to rent a car, catch an uber or walk x amount of blocks.

Savannah is made up of small squares that make up a grid throughout the city. The trolley company takes you around a few of the historic squares and close to others. Each drop off location is within close proximity to shopping, park squares, churches, historical sites and much more.

How was the ride?

Old Town Trolley Tours Savannah
Image credit: Old Town Trolley Tours

It was just the morning, but the temperatures had already reached well over 90 with an even higher humidity level. To say we were uncomfortable would be an understatement.

With the extreme heat, we hoped that the movement of the vehicle would help us cool off some. We were wrong!

The bench sizes on the trolley tours are small. Made to match with the┬ásouthern decor of Savannah, the benches offer little leg room for average sized adults. While it’s possible to ride the trolley as a portly passenger, it might be best done comfortably with your own bench.

With a full trolley, we squeezed into the only open bench available in which our hot bodies melted into one. This made us even hotter and sweatier than we already were and literally caused for muscle cramps to begin in Peter’s legs. Because of the heat and already being hot upon boarding the trolley, the air flow from the moving trolley only began to get hotter the longer we moved forward on the ride. This is when we decided it was time to disembark and explore whatever stop we were to arrive at next.

Squeezing two adults into the benches of the trolley can become uncomfortable, for portly passengers, it can become downright torture. #savannah #trolleyride Click To Tweet

Waiting for the Bus

Forrest Gump QuoteUnlike Forrest Gump, we knew that it was approximately 20 minutes between each Trolley. The company offers smartphone users the option to track the trolley’s via a GPS system you can download onto your phone. However, Peter and I did not utilize this option.

If the trolley is full upon arrival or has minimal seating for your party size, they will radio ahead to inform other trolley drivers of how many seats are needed at that stop. This can be convenient if you are in a large group or looking to determine if you think walking to your next location might be easier.

The stops are conveniently hidden in plain sight, so if you miss a trolley don’t worry too much as there will be one coming around again soon.

Added Entertainment

Savannah pooper scooperEach trolley driver was uniquely different and gave their perspective of the local businesses, tips of when to visit certain locations and ideas for food. Some drivers stuck to their scripted information while others reverted off to answer questions or get the attention of the passengers.

They were a great help for us when we got lost thinking we got off at the wrong stop and politely guided us towards the direction we needed to go after disembarking from the trolley.

One thing I enjoyed the most about the Savannah & the Trolley drivers was that it didn’t feel rushed. Such as the case when we waited for the mounted police to clean up after their horse. Coming from a city, there is a continual feeling of having to move even when others are stopped due to cars honking or people trying to get around you. In Savannah, it was rarely felt especially while on the trolley ride.

Where do they stop?

Old Town Trolley Map
The image is screen captured from the tour company’s website.

There is a total of 15 stops along the Trolley Route.

  1. Savannah Visitor Center
  2. Bull Street Corridor
  3. Madison Square
  4. Forsyth Park
  5. Massie Heritage Center
  6. Cathedral of St. John
  7. City Market
  8. Columbia Square
  9. The Pirates House
  10. River Street
  11. Parish House/Bay Street
  12. Exchange Bell/Factors Walk
  13. Ellis Square
  14. Ships of the Sea Museum
  15. Welcome Center




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