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Allegiant Airlines Policy for Portly Passengers

Allegiant Airlines Policy for Portly Passengers


Seat Sizes

Seats in the economy section of an Allegiant Airplane measure between 17.8 inches wide.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are measured at 40 inches long.  Extenders are available but actual sizing information was not available.

Policy for Overweight Passengers

Allegiant¬†“Passengers who are unable to lower the armrest and/or compromise any portion of the adjacent seat(s) should purchase an additional ticket during the initial reservation. Two seats will be pre-assigned (at no additional charge) in order to ensure the passenger of size has two seats side-by-side. In the event, the flight is sold out and an extra seat is unavailable, the passenger of size shall be denied travel in the interest of safety.” – ALLEGIANT Passenger of Size Guidelines


*Infographic has been updated to reflect the correct customer service information.















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