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Spirit Airlines Policy for Portly Passengers

Spirit Airlines Policy for Portly Passengers_Sept18

Seat Sizes

Spirit Airlines economy seats measure 17.8 inches from inside the armrests. Spirit does offer Front seats that measure up to 20.88 inches on certain aircraft.

Seat Belts

There was no information available about the length of Spirit Airline’s seatbelts at the time of this study. However, extenders are offered, but you cannot use them when sitting in a seat with an inflatable seatbelt. Flight Attendants will ask you to move if you are in one of these seats, but Spirit does offer a list on their website of rows and seats to avoid when selecting your seat if you are in need of an extender. Click here to see the list.

Policy for Overweight Passengers

Spirit Airline’s policy for overweight passengers states “To accommodate a guest of size who encroaches on an adjacent seat area and/or is unable to sit in a single seat with the armrests lowered.” – Spirits Seating Policy














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