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Comfort Food at the Green Truck Pub in Savannah

Everyone has their version of comfort food. For me, its a type of grilled cheese sandwich that I had not experienced until we were in Savannah.

When Peter and I arrived in Savannah we were both extremely hungry and realized it was extremely late. Our AirBnB was understanding of the delayed flight and thankfully had a great guide to local restaurants within walking distance. We called a few of the listed locations noting it was 10:30 pm hoping something would still be available. That’s when we found, Green Truck Pub.

They were literally around the corner from our accommodations and after a long day with delays in the airport and rainy weather, we just wanted something to eat before falling asleep. Thankfully the Pub’s kitchen was still open when we arrived. A quick glance at the menu & I knew exactly what I wanted.

Green Truck Pub Savannah_Adult Grilled CheeseGrilled cheese is usually an item on the kid’s menu of restaurants that is two slices of bread and a slice or two of orangy colored American cheese in the middle. So I honestly have never had a chance to fully enjoy a grilled cheese outside of my own home in years. But the Green Truck Pub offers Adult’s Grilled Cheese on their menu. I asked to add some grilled onions to it just like I like it.

I didn’t hold my breath on how it would taste, as we all know, some things are not as good as what you get at home. This sandwich, however, surprised me. The bread was fresh, the cheese delicious, the onions perfectly cooked; it was like Savannah met Pennsylvania and I was having a welcome home party in my mouth.


This sandwich isn't for the kids menu! Check it out at the Green Truck Pub in Savannah, Georgia.

While it wasn’t exactly how I make it, it wasn’t any less than if my mom made it or if Peter made it. See the story behind this combination of grilled cheese for me comes from when I was extremely sick at one point in my life. I could barely hold anything down, but onions for some reason where my one food that I couldn’t get enough of. So I started putting it on everything. This is how the caramelized onion grilled cheese sandwich was born, at least in my world.

I introduced Peter to the idea of this sandwich weeks beforehand, but never actually started to make it until after the trip. Speculating that the combination would be a disaster he took a bite at the pub of my customized sandwich and fell in love with it himself.

So if you are ever in Savannah, Georgia head over to the Green Truck Pub, check out their beer selection and order up an Adult’s Grilled Cheese to experience a little bit of comfort like me.




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