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Things to do in Savannah for a Long Weekend

Savannah Georgia Itinerary_Portly Passengers

Spending a long weekend anywhere in the world can feel like a whirlwind. You might feel unprepared or overbooked on things to do.

The city of Savannah is riddled with history and culture that kept us interested in many of the things that the city had to offer. After arriving late on our first day and only having enough time to grab a bite to eat at The Green Truck Pub, we set off on our journey the following morning. We utilized the Old Towne Trolley on our first day in Savannah. This allowed us to gain better knowledge and understanding of the city and how it was built. While the trolley offered 15 different stops along its route, in which we made an itinerary based around what the stops offered.


Savannah City Market a great place to shop or grab a bite to eat during your time in the historic city.

City Market

An outdoor market area filled with small restaurants and shopping for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere is filled with live music, the smell of peaches, pizza and pralines. You can purchase tickets to the Prohibition Museum and the Old Towne Trolley here as well as hop on to the trolley for your next destination.

The City Market is end capped between historical squares with a water playground in the middle for kids, dogs, and adults to keep cool in the heat.

River Street

Similar to City Market, Savannah’s River Street offers visitors a great opportunity to gain a more historical interpretive experience while dining and shopping. River Street is approximately 4 blocks long, where you can catch the Ghost Stories Trolley or the River Boat. It’s a great place for nightlife where you never know what you will see driving by.

River Street offers visitors a great place to find unique gifts with their open-air market as well.


Historic Squares

When Savannah was first developed & designed there was a total of 24 historic squares, today you can get a chance to explore & see the 22 squares that still remain a large part of the cities atmosphere. Sit & bask under a magnolia tree, wait for a bus like Forrest Gump in Chippewa Square or listen to some music from City Market in Franklin or Ellis Square.

Marked as one the most beautiful cemeteries in the world the Bonaventure is a must see for anyone who loves creepy.Bonaventure Cemetery

Located outside of the city limits, Bonaventure Cemetery gives it’s visitors a chance to learn about the history of the cemetery along with many of those laid to rest on the land. The cemetery is picturesque with large trees and Spanish moss hanging on the branches.

Melissa and Peter Forsyth Park Savannah GeorgiaForsyth Park

One of the most iconic parks in the South is Forsyth Park. Marked with willow trees and Spanish moss, the park offers visitors a place to relax, have a picnic, take their kids to burn off some energy or talk to locals. While we were there we got the chance to meet and talk with some great street artist, explore the local farmers market and listen to some great jazz music. The park has ample space for sports and is the border for where you can carry an open container (there are police on patrol throughout the park).

Museums & Attractions

The Davenport House Museum

Have you ever wondered where the preservation of the aesthetic that is Savannah started? From the homes to the historical squares the preservation had to start somewhere otherwise like many cities Savannah would begin to blend into the industrial backdrop of the country. This is where the Davenport House enters into the story of Savannah.

Taking a tour of the Davenport House you can learn about how the city was saved by a group of women looking to maintain the authentic look of the building which spread into the city in 1955. Once you leave the house and continue on your visit of Savannah you will start to see some of the work that the Davenport restoration has influence throughout the city.

Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace

Many girl scouts take a trek down to Juliette Gordon Low’s house every year. It’s where the founder was born and raised, surrounded with many opportunities to gain merit badges and explore a part of American history. Whether you are a girl scout, have been or know someone who is, this is a great place to learn about a vital piece of American history and how one women’s childhood helped shape her into building one of the strongest foundations in American organizations.

Prohibition Museum in Savannah GeorgiaThe Prohibition Museum

Learn some history, grab a drink, enjoy some well-needed air conditioning in the summer air. All of which The Prohibition Museum offers.

The museum takes you on a journey from the prior to the prohibition act all the way to the end, you get to learn about speakeasies, the propaganda of the time, the resistance movement, the effect on the economy and the relationships of famously known gang members during the era had on the movement. At the end of the tour, you get a chance to sit down in a small speakeasy & grab a drink specially designed for the museum by a bartender dressed for the job.

The Portly PassengersThe Portly Passengers provides plus size inclusive travel tips and advice for anyone who is looking to explore the world. From seat sizes on airplanes to exploring museums, restaurants, and nature Melissa & Peter have the experience and stories to help guide you through it.

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