Here is a list of some ideas to help you find great souvenirs on your next trip. Check out The Portly Passengers to learn more.
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As the year comes to a close I’ve seen many people post questions about souvenirs over the last few weeks as everyone fits in their last travels for 2018.

When you are experiencing a new and exciting location you might want to bring everything you see home to remind you of the adventures and memories of your long awaited trip. But the question many ask is “what do I actually get?”

Here is a short list of some ideas to help you with your next trip and bringing the memories home. Click To Tweet


Artwork is a great Souvenir idea. You arent only helping a local artist and putting money into the economy, but you are getting a piece of artwork that isnt easily available to the rest of the world.
A piece of art Peter and I picked up in Jamaica that reminded us of our fur kids.

For Peter and myself, we aim to find a piece of artwork on every trip, no matter how small, and it has one condition – it must be from a local artist. So we usually ask where we can find street vendors along our trips to ensure we at least give ourselves the opportunity the chance of finding something we both like. This tradition ironically started before either of us got together and is something that we have decided to continue as a couple.


Books are great ideas for Souvenirs. They let you into the culture of the location you just visited, give you a memory to go back to in the future when you are ready to read the books, and a great way to keep a long plane ride more enjoyable.
Books I picked up on my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Many people are avid readers. You can find a bookstore in most train stations and airports which makes this purchase semi-easy. However, you could also look for a local bookstore on your travels or find someone who is selling their self-published book at a street fair or art show.

This is also a great place to step out of your normal genre of books and find new and different cultures in which you can immerse yourself into. Like the book I found on our Savannah trip, by Jessica Germaine called Dark Black.

Street fairs and art shows are great places to find local authors to add to your souvenirs. #souvenirideas Click To Tweet


This one might seem pretty traditional, normal or old school. But there are benefits, such as not needing to make much room in your suitcase on your way home. Just think every time you go to pull something out of the fridge you get to have a small reminder to look at for all of your travels. They can also be a great conversation starter when you are having a house party or a great holiday gift to show someone you where thinking about them while you where away.


While the holidays have just past, that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about all of your future holidays. This is actually one of the souvenirs that I see a lot of people on many of Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest mention or ask questions about. It’s also something that I find a great gift for people who are living a distance from me and I can’t celebrate the holidays with.

You might be curious as to where you can find ornaments despite the holidays being long over. The first place to start looking is local shops. I have found that there is usually one local store in most major cities with a dedication towards the holiday season all year round. But when this isn’t the case, I have found many souvenir stores to have one or two options to choose from when in a pinch.

The last option for finding an ornament the airport. The shopkeepers realize that many people find themselves empty-handed on their return home from a trip. This allows for them to mark up prices, but also provide travelers with last-minute options on their way to their gate and a great place for you to find things that might be “off season“.


Despite what many people think, bringing home food from different cultures can be fun and interesting.

Yes, when traveling abroad there are rules and regulations such as fruits and seeds, etc. being brought back from a different country but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring home other options. For myself, I always find little snacks or candies that we don’t have here in the United States. For instances, I grew up in the state of Hershey chocolate, I’ve been to the theme park, toured the location but never had I realized that when you go over seas they had other options that we just don’t have here in the United States.

I know others who bring home pasta, cheeses, and preserves. The best recommendation is to know your own countries rules and regulations about what is allowed and isn’t allowed to prevent any fines during border crossings. Once you know what these are, enjoy your food journey!


Similar to food, there are regulations on how much you bring into a country at one given time. You also will have to check your luggage if you do not purchase the beverages in the airport themselves.

On one of my European trips, I brought back a bottle of wine from every country I visited. I found myself more worried about the bottles breaking during transport than I did about getting them through customs. For this I found using my clothes as a great form of bubble wrap along with many of the different shopping bags I picked up along the way to ensure if there was any breakage, the liquid contents stayed contained.

Many travelers find their own way of protecting these purchases, including anticipating them and bring packing supplies along with. But if you are in a pinch, pick out the shirt you are least likely to miss if damaged & wrap that bottle up.


Last but not least, clothes are great souvenirs. From a T-shirt to a dress or even a hat, these pieces of fabric are a great piece to your wardrobe that are unique and a little reminder of your journey.

I love going into my closet and seeing all of the pieces I’ve picked up along the way. My favorite shirt is from Ireland and my favorite jacket is from Italy. They are unique pieces that I couldn’t find here in the United States based on my size or even the trends happening at the times of my travels.

Do you have any other Souvenir ideas not listed here?

Leave us a comment and share with us what you collect to give others some more great ideas!

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