4 Unique places throughout Philadelphia you can find Plus Size clothing.
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4 Unique Places to Shop for Plus Size in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Melissa’s home city. While she grew up outside of the city, it was the place where she started her career and her love of comedy. A lot of her friends and family still reside in and around the Philadelphia area so we always enjoy our time in the city.

If you come to Philadelphia to learn about the history of America either through the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall or even grabbing a drink at City Tavern you might be wondering if there are any places to shop for Plus Size Clothing.

After all the city is much smaller than it’s sister city up north, New York City. Well the answer to that question is yes!

Here are some places to find Plus Size Clothing throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Alice Alexander

4056 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129 $$$

Priced on the higher end (a basic white t-shirt is $70) Alice Alexander gives you all the feels when looking at their collection. They celebrate every curve and stretch mark we have as they design clothes to fit you.

Sizes Carried: 0-28

Curve Conscious

2719 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 $$

We love small businesses and this is exactly what Curve Conscious is! They are open Tuesday – Saturday with appointments on Sunday. You can find some unique items here along with some great styling tips.

They are just starting out here in Philadelphia (three years in the making), but offer a wide variety of clothing options. Next time you are in the city check them out!

Sizes Carried: TBD

M.M. LaFleur

The Shops at Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 $$$

M.M.LaFleur is located within The Shops at Liberty Place in center city. They offer higher end pieces of clothing with a wide selection of styles. Their Instagram post exclude plus size models, but their website has a whole section dedicated to the +1 and up sizes.

Sizes Carried: 0 to +3

TruDiva Designs

2228 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 $$

TruDiva Designs by Veronica L. is a great place to stop and find unique items that are made for the curvy body. As another small business this is one of the joys of walking around Philadelphia. You truly never know what you will get.

Sizes Carried: 12-24


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