The Smorgasbord

What's a blog about Portly Passengers without post about food?

  • Dinner,  Georgia

    Comfort Food at the Green Truck Pub in Savannah

    Everyone has their version of comfort food. For me, its a type of grilled cheese sandwich that I had not experienced until we were in Savannah. When Peter and I arrived in Savannah we were both extremely hungry and realized it was extremely late. Our AirBnB was understanding of the delayed flight and thankfully had a great guide to local restaurants within walking distance. We called a few of the listed locations noting it was 10:30 pm hoping something would still be available. That’s when we found, Green Truck Pub. They were literally around the corner from our accommodations and after a long day with delays in the airport and rainy…

  • Ice Cream Barn
    Ice Cream & Other Treats,  West Virginia

    Meeting the Locals at the Ice Cream Barn

    At the end of a very hot tour of the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum, it was late in the afternoon and we wanted to get back on the road to reach our next destination. However, we were craving something cold and delicious. It was a great surprise to find the Ice Cream Barn just a few blocks away. As we headed towards the highway the Ice Cream Barn appeared on our left as we came around a bend in the road. If we had not made a pact to try and find someplace to stop for ice cream or something to drink we likely would have missed this cute little stop on the side…

  • Dickey's BBQ Birthday Surprise
    Dinner,  West Virginia

    Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Birthday Surprise

    This year for my birthday Pete and I were in West Virginia. Since we both love to travel and my birthday lands just a few days before a major holiday here in the USA we opted to take a trek down south. The night before we had stopped in a location that had nothing but a Dairy Queen open so we were hungry and ready for some good old southern BBQ. After checking into our hotel and getting some recommendations from the receptionist we made our way over to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. We didn’t really know what to expect and where pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a fast food place, but…

  • Breakfast Burrito in NOLA
    Breakfast,  Louisiana

    Bittersweet Breakfast in NOLA

    I’m not sure if it’s because I was in pain during our trip thanks to a broken ankle or I just wasn’t 100% sure I would actually write a travel blog again, but during our trip to New Orleans, I found myself enjoying the food more and taking photos less. Which is great for the concept of “being in the moment” but not so much when I finally decided I wanted to write about our travels and the food we enjoyed. As food goes I’m not one to be overly excited about anything in particular, which has caused arguments from individuals in the past. Peter understands this weird aspect of me,…

  • Boston's Cookie Monstah
    Ice Cream & Other Treats,  Massachusetts

    Boston’s Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster vs. Cookie Monstah Here is how we found cookies that are better than moms! On our trip to Boston, we would enter the city through Boston Commons. We would adventure off to find little hidden gems of stores or history. But we kept on missing the biggest gem of them all or in my mind the best damn cookies known to man. We were debating about heading back to our AirBnB when we decided to walk through the park. Peter got some water ice (aka shaved ice or Italian ice) and I was on the quest for these cookies that everyone was eating. We walked along the path, checked out…

  • The Portly Passengers
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    All Aboard!

    Hi, we are Peter and Melissa. The two halves that make up the whole of The Portly Passengers. We wanted to start this blog to build a community for individuals who love to travel or have a desire to travel but are afraid of the social expectations of weight requirements in life. Being fat has a negative connotation to it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life in the plus size. Traveling is no different. There will be weight restrictions and limits, there will be disappointments and extra charges, but there will be tons of memories and love along the way. We hope you join us for this crazy…