• Taking a day trip out of Dublin? Here is what you can see at the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren in Ireland.

    Dublin Day tour to the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren

    Before meeting Peter, I had won a small sum of money from a radio show that I used to purchase my ticket to Ireland. It was my first solo trip and I knew very little about traveling beyond what I had done via my study abroad program and the hundreds of road trips I took as a kid with my family. I used sites like Trip Advisor for recommendations of things to do while in Ireland, one of which was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. I was staying in Dublin and wanted a day trip out of the city to see other parts of the country, the Cliffs of Moher…

  • Gettysburg Audio Tour Cover
    Pennsylvania,  Travel Tips

    Gettysburg Auto Tour Options

    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a major spot in United States history. Today it is a National Park and memorial for the Battle of Gettysburg that happened during the Civil War of the United States. Exploring the battlefields can be interesting and exhausting, however, the park has provided visitors with an auto tour for as long as I personally can remember. The tour takes you from point to point throughout the battlefield giving you information about each location in a seven to fifteen-minute narration for each spot. When I was around 7 or 8, my parents piled us into our large conversion van, put in the cassette tape and off we went…

  • Savannah Riverboat Cruise

    Savannah Riverboat Cruise

    I learned something about Melissa on this adventure; she can get motion sick just looking at a boat. The Savannah River Cruise was part of our package tour when we purchased our tickets for the Savannah Trolley Tour. At the time I didn’t know how easily she got motion sick since she handled our boat ride to the reef for snorkeling in Jamaica pretty well. But despite nausea, she handled it like a trooper, granted she was inside the boat with her head down if not asleep. In all, she said she had a good time, although I’m not sure if that was to appease me since I was so excited about it,…

  • Savannah Georgia Itinerary_PortlyPassengers (2)

    Things to do in Savannah for a Long Weekend

    Spending a long weekend anywhere in the world can feel like a whirlwind. You might feel unprepared or overbooked on things to do. The city of Savannah is riddled with history and culture that kept us interested in many of the things that the city had to offer. After arriving late on our first day and only having enough time to grab a bite to eat at The Green Truck Pub, we set off on our journey the following morning. We utilized the Old Towne Trolley on our first day in Savannah. This allowed us to gain better knowledge and understanding of the city and how it was built. While the trolley…

  • PA RenFaire Dog Days
    Pennsylvania,  Pet Travel

    Dog Days of Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

    If you grow up in or around Pennsylvania then you are familiar of the PA RenFaire. It’s one of the biggest Renaissance Faires in the United States and on the eastern seaboard. Visitors are encouraged to come in costume, sing along and drink up during their visit. It’s been in operation on the grounds of Mount Hope Winery since 1980. For me, I grew up going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as a yearly tradition. Personally, my favorite part of the Faire was the royal hounds. Every year there was a booth with gorgeous greyhounds waiting to be adopted. I was jealous as a child that I could not spend the day with…

  • Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah Georgia

    Bonaventure Cemetery of Savannah

    There are many stereotypes, wives tails, and myths all wrapped around cemeteries. But for many people, myself included, cemeteries are a place of peace and mystery. I love weird and spooky, Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and the Addams family is a dream family reunion for me. So when we were planning out an itinerary for Savannah, Peter was adamant on adding the Bonaventure Cemetery to our list. Bonaventure Cemetery is noted as one of the worlds most beautiful cemeteries and I wouldn’t disagree. For Peter and myself when we arrived at the cemetery we found ourselves being chased by a thunderstorm. With lightning and rolling thunder in the…

  • Dinner,  Georgia

    Comfort Food at the Green Truck Pub in Savannah

    Everyone has their version of comfort food. For me, its a type of grilled cheese sandwich that I had not experienced until we were in Savannah. When Peter and I arrived in Savannah we were both extremely hungry and realized it was extremely late. Our AirBnB was understanding of the delayed flight and thankfully had a great guide to local restaurants within walking distance. We called a few of the listed locations noting it was 10:30 pm hoping something would still be available. That’s when we found, Green Truck Pub. They were literally around the corner from our accommodations and after a long day with delays in the airport and rainy…

  • Savannah's Hop on Hop off Trolley Tour

    Savannah’s Hop on Hop off Trolley Tour

    It’s been 8 years since I stepped foot in Savannah, Georgia. I remembered the smell of magnolias and the hospitality I was greeted with. It always stuck out in my mind as the highlight of my first solo road trip so when Peter and I had the chance to utilize a complimentary flight we opted for four days in Savannah. Upon booking the trip there was one thing we didn’t take into account, the heat in Georgia during August. In an attempt to help combat the heat we decided to utilize the Hop on Hop off Old Towne Trolley Tours. We booked our package online opting to add the Prohibition…

  • Hidden Bunker of the Greenbrier
    West Virginia

    The Hidden Government Bunker of The Greenbrier

    Located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia sits a large luxury resort that looks as though it should be on a postcard or possibly the set location of a Stephen King novel. Surrounded by natural wonders such as mineral springs and forest, The Greenbrier started accepting guest in 1778 and has since held guest in their 800+ rooms, suites, and estate homes. Among the rolling golf courses, lavish decorations, and sprawling lobbies there sits a piece of American History that was hidden from the public until recently. It might come as a surprise or maybe not, that the government takes precautions in protecting their officials. Most widely known case of this is…

  • Ice Cream Barn
    Ice Cream & Other Treats,  West Virginia

    Meeting the Locals at the Ice Cream Barn

    At the end of a very hot tour of the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum, it was late in the afternoon and we wanted to get back on the road to reach our next destination. However, we were craving something cold and delicious. It was a great surprise to find the Ice Cream Barn just a few blocks away. As we headed towards the highway the Ice Cream Barn appeared on our left as we came around a bend in the road. If we had not made a pact to try and find someplace to stop for ice cream or something to drink we likely would have missed this cute little stop on the side…