• Broken Ankle Mardi Gras
    Did this really happen?,  Louisiana

    Broken Ankle and Mardi Gras

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to Mardi Gras? What about traveling with a broken bone? These two things don’t seem to be in the same category and yet they both made for an extremely memorable trip. Literally, I tripped down the stairs and broke my ankle… 24 hours before we left for New Orleans! Peter was a gem through it all. From rushing down the stairs in his robe and picking me up off the floor to holding my hair back as I vomited from the painkillers in the ER this trip was bound to be a test of our relationship. Within just a few hours I…

  • Drug sniffing dog and pork roll
    Did this really happen?

    Being tagged by a drug sniffing dog

    With my anxiety of the TSA checks and a drug-sniffing dog on the approach, this last trip was bound to have a few hiccups. What I wasn’t expecting was an explosives expert to be called in and learning that my breakfast set off alarms. We woke up early for a 2hr drive to the airport to catch a 9am international flight on a Friday morning. By all calculations and the recommended times we were to arrive at the airport, we should have had 30mins at our gate once we passed through security. However, calculations don’t include errors such as drug-sniffing dogs, commuter flights, and cranky TSA workers. We arrived on…