• Boston Itinerary

    Things to do in Boston

    Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Riddled with its stake in the American Revolutionary War and the making of America, this is one of the main reasons for tourist to be attracted in general. For Peter and myself, we knew we wanted to visit after I was accepted into Grad School at Boston University. In just a few short days we got to explore many of the mainstream locations as well as neighborhood events that aren’t published for the world to see, just by walking through the city. Here are some great things to look for and explore on your visit to Boston.  Boston Aquarium…

  • Boston's Cookie Monstah
    Ice Cream & Other Treats,  Massachusetts

    Boston’s Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster vs. Cookie Monstah Here is how we found cookies that are better than moms! On our trip to Boston, we would enter the city through Boston Commons. We would adventure off to find little hidden gems of stores or history. But we kept on missing the biggest gem of them all or in my mind the best damn cookies known to man. We were debating about heading back to our AirBnB when we decided to walk through the park. Peter got some water ice (aka shaved ice or Italian ice) and I was on the quest for these cookies that everyone was eating. We walked along the path, checked out…