• Photo Etiquette

    Photo Etiquette

    In an era of selfies and “internet challenges” it seems that many people forget about photo etiquette in a hope to get a like or share on social media, so we pulled together three guidelines that are good etiquette when taking photos on your trips around the world.         Be Aware of Your Surroundings This might come of a surprise, but many people have found themselves slipping and falling because they aren’t fully aware of where they are walking. I quickly learned this rookie mistake on my trip to Ireland when I almost walked off a cliff as I took some video footage. Thankfully by looking down,…

  • Smartphone Photography Tools

    Smartphone Photography Tools

    I love photography! I’ve admired some great work from individuals around the world to help me develop my own hobby. What many people think is that when starting out in the world of photography that you need a fancy camera to help with developing some amazing images. Honestly for a long time I felt the same way! Until I entered a photo into a local art show. That photo started my career of travel photography. That photo was also taken on an iPhone 5s.  Today that photo has won a few awards, including first place from that initial art show, and been a staple in my career as a reminder that anything is…