Smartphone Photography Tools

Smartphone Photography Tools

Jade by Melissa Kane

I love photography! I’ve admired some great work from individuals around the world to help me develop my own hobby. What many people think is that when starting out in the world of photography that you need a fancy camera to help with developing some amazing images.

Honestly for a long time I felt the same way!

Until I entered a photo into a local art show. That photo started my career of travel photography. That photo was also taken on an iPhone 5s. 

Today that photo has won a few awards, including first place from that initial art show, and been a staple in my career as a reminder that anything is possible. But many people still ask me how I do it with just an iPhone.

So I want to share some of my secret tools and accessories to help you with your photography.

 Lenses change everything

Smartphones have set lenses in their cameras that offer some variability such as lighting and style. Once the images are taken you can edit them based on how much color you want, shadowing, highlighting etc. All of which I personally do as many other photographers do.

But what if you want to take a photo off in the distance that the phone’s zoom just doesn’t reach? Or maybe there is an angle that you can’t get too?

This is where additional lenses help save the day. While the downside of the lenses is that they are small and hard to change, finding one or two you really enjoy using can help change the perspective of your photographs. I started using a telescope lens with my first iPhone that could be taken on or off the provided phone case (Link Below) as the iPhone evolved I have moved into other lenses through the purchase of lense packs.

I purchased the Apexel 10 in 1 (Link Below) after the latest upgrade of my phone to an iPhone 7. This pack gives you a clip for your lenses that you can easily put on or take off of the phone, as well as use it on your front facing camera as well. The lenses come in a zip up case that is slightly bigger than a wallet and have a D-clip that allows you to put it on the outside of your bag or even on the loop of your pants.

  1. 0.63X Wide
  2. 15X Macro
  3. 2X Telephoto
  4. 198° Fisheye
  5. Kaleidoscope 3
  6. Kaleidoscope 6
  7. CPL filter
  8. Flow filter
  9. Radial filter
  10. Star filter

With these different lenses, most photographers do gravitate towards specific ones that meet their artistic needs. I usually use the wide, telephoto and fisheye lenses in my work, but have played around with a few of the other lenses. Having a wide range of possibilities can let your artistic side expand and explore new concepts, which is my personal favorite part of this package.

Stability Counts

I can’t bend into certain spots or stay bent at the knee for long periods of time thanks to having a bad knee injury. Most people think tripods are great for people with camcorders at sports games, but they are also great for taking photos at angles you just can’t humanly stay in position for.

The bendable tripod that allows me to put the phone into positions that not even my wrist will bend as well as provides a nice handle for the phone in action shots like on roller coasters. You might be wondering how you can take a photo if the phone is in a weird position or one you can’t stay in right? Don’t worry I have the answer to that too!

Bluetooth to the Rescue

That’s right, bluetooth to the rescue with this remote shutter control button. Yes, there are apps available for timer countdown, but if you want to take a burst or delayed images, such as lightning, you will be better off with a button that you can use on demand instead of guessing the math for the right timing between the app and the shutter speed and mother nature.

The Camkix wireless shutter controller (link below) was great for boat rides in or rolling thunderstorms in the mountains. I’ve used this controller personally with the tripod and lenses to capture some amazing shots of my dogs running as their lack of height just is no match for my knees.

This controller combined with the tripod is great for people with tremors in the hands as well or just don’t have a steady hand but yearn to capture a great picture of the kids or flowers or pets.


I know not everyone is looking to make a career out of their photography, but these three devices aren’t just for the aspiring professional. They can be used for even the most amateur of photographers to help give you a more satisfied look and quality of your desired photos.

All Items talked about in the article above can be found below. 


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